By Brian M

1 4 months ago

Follow through and communication are a serious problem

Took me a while to write this because I wanted to give W7 the benefit of the doubt but throughout my project they lacked good communication and at the end of the project couldn’t follow through to finish it in a timely matter and to a professional standard. I’m still dealing with the repercussions of their rushed and haphazard process. From the start I was told my project would take a matter of weeks but it took months. Throughout I was the one who would reach out for updates. As they worked on the project, a room addition and retaining wall, there would be changes to the project scope and execution that they would decide and then I would learn about later. For example, I was notified that the door to my room addition would be just over 5 feet tall after the work was already completed. I would expect to have a chance to discuss other options since during the quoting phase I was told it was no problem. Finishing the project was a huge ordeal. They told me it was done but there was construction debris everywhere still. They hadn’t finished the fence out to the retaining wall, and they had not, as promised, ensured the piers of my foundation were properly bolstered after digging down to add the room. Even now after I hounded them for 2-3 months to finish the job and, to their credit they did, I’ve found multiple issues with the work. We had them remove a dishwasher and the first time I ran water down the adjacent sink it all spilled out because they didn’t plug the drain inlet from the dishwasher. I wouldn’t recommend W7 Construction for lack of communication and follow through and also lack of attention to detail. Not to mention I’ve been finding Modelo beer caps around my property in the places they were working. Love me some Modelo and don’t mind people popping one after the work day but leaving those behind is just unprofessional.